The number of homeowners seeking a residential solar panel installation is increasing each day. Considering how much money you can save and the role you will be playing in protecting the environment, it is not surprising that more people are seeking solar production.

At OhSolarMio, we are often asked “how long will my solar panels last?” Even though we’re always saying that they will last up to 25 years, there is growing research that states solar panels are going to last for a longer period.


It was previously assumed and accepted that your solar panels would operate at their optimal level for a period of 20 to 25 years, which is also the length of a standard solar panel service warranty. According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), current generation solar panels are outperforming everyone’s expectations. Studies indicate that the previously held figure of a 1% annual performance decrease has now been sliced into half. New studies demonstrate that current generation panels are losing up to 0.5% efficiency each year; some even less than that. This means your solar panels will have a longer shelf life.

Most solar panel companies provide a guarantee that their systems will continue to perform between 80% and 85% under warranty. If however, the panel’s performance dips below 80%, you will need to replace your panels.

At OhSolarMio, we invest in new technologies that will continue to provide generating power and saving for up to 40 years.



What does this all mean for your budget? When you are ready to purchase your panels, many companies will provide you a calculated estimate about the money you can expect to save. However, this figure is only over the 25 year period. Since most solar panels are outlasting their predicted lifespan, you will actually save money for longer, not to mention produce clean and green energy as well. This means the longer your panels work, the more you’ll save!

How can you extend the lifespan of your solar panels?

Just like a car requires annual maintenance to help it last, so do solar panels. Here are three ways in which you can add years to your solar panels:

1)    Prevent Physical Damage

Ensure there are no branches that can come into contact with your panel. This can scratch the surface and reduce their efficiency.

2)    Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

A clean panel is a happy panel. Perform a bi-annual or annual maintenance and cleaning service to ensure your panels are always working at their best. Most solar panel companies provide this service or can recommend a company that does.

3)    Lease your Solar Panels

At OhSolarMio, you have the option of leasing your panels from us. This means we will not only install the solar panels but also monitor and maintain them 24/7.

At OhSolarMio, we can help you find the best residential solar panel that fits your budget and energy needs. Get in touch with us today.