Investing in solar technology is a huge investment, but equally important is the decision of selecting the best installer from the variety of solar companies Los Angeles out there.
This is a tricky territory considering most people are new to this industry. However, with the following tips in hand, you will select the best solar companies Los Angeles:
1. Create a List of Multiple Solar Providers

Compile a list of solar companies near you with pertinent details. Include companies that are located near you. You may search for specific criteria on the Internet such as “top 5 solar companies near me”, etc. Then conduct a search for reputable national companies and include these on your list as well.

2. Evaluate Each Company

When reviewing options, keep in mind established companies offer better warranties and have been around for some time. They might also offer more maintenance services like panel cleaning and payment options. Local companies will be more aware of your state’s offers, rebates and permit requirements. Since they’re servicing local clients, you might proceed to the installation stage faster.

3. Assess Company Credentials

In a majority of cases, experience matters the most. View each company’s website. Look at items like how long they’ve been in business, the number of panels installed, types of roofing they’ve worked on, etc. Don’t forget to examine the company’s credentials. Do they advertise their certifications online? Do they have state-required licensing as well as certification with North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners? Installers with a certification from NABCEP have undergone rigorous qualification standards and extensive training. Holders of this certificate are considered the “gold standard”.

4. Read Customer Reviews

The bottom line: customer satisfaction. It doesn’t matter how long they’ve been in this industry if their customers are unhappy. The process of going solar is complex and entails many stages. A company that is helpful, approachable and friendly is ideal. Search for reviews on websites like the Better Business Bureau and Yelp. If you are unable to find customer reviews online, contact the company directly and request references.

5. Review Financing Options

Each company will offer various financing options for your solar panels. Some popular choices include leasing, obtaining a loan, paying cash and power purchase agreements. Ensure the company offers the financing option you find suitable. If you’re unsure which option to select, opt for a company that offers numerous choices. Sit down with them for a discussion on which one would suit your situation.

6. Request Quotes

By this stage, you will likely narrow down your list of companies. Now proceed to requesting a quote. Many will prefer to offer you a custom quote, meaning they will first visit your location and assess it before suggesting a price.

7. Other Important Considerations

There are other questions you need to consider when evaluating companies. Ask the following:
-    Does the company handle permits in your city and state?
-    How many panels do you require based on your monthly energy consumption?
-    What’s covered in the warranty?
-    What’s the process if you choose to go with a particular company?

There are many solar companies Los Angeles out there, but with these tips in hand you can select the best one.

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